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Hi I'm Robin, 

Lead trainer at K9 Academics with more than 40 years experience training service, working, and companion dogs professionally. 

Over the years I have trained several service dogs, therapy dogs, and competitive obedience dogs as well as having been a certified Search and Rescue Dog handler and evaluator here in Colorado. I've even assisted with the training of patrol dogs for law enforcement in other states. 

If you'd like to know more about me and my style of training click the button below. 


WELCOME to K9 Academics where dogs of any age learn something new

Greeley, Evans,
Eaton, Kersey, Milliken, Loveland, and Surrounding areas






Puppy Training

Begin training your puppy immediately, in a positive, fun way.

dog running with toy



The skills every dog must have to be a good K9 citizen.

Golden Dog


Advanced Training

Skills to go beyond the level of family companion either as a service dog, competition dog, working dog or something more.

Ban and Milis.jpg

(Bann & Milis)

K9 Discovery 

Choose from a variety of Fun things to enjoy with your dog.

-Trick training

-Joring for:


       -Roller blading



      - Skiing

-Camping and hiking



-Nose Work for:


      -Shed finding


      -Search and Rescue

          -SAR Certification preparation

            -Trailing or Airscent

            - Scent specific or multi find


-Carting - Sledding

-Agility skills for fitness



Training for older dogs with a single behavioral concern.​

Sessions focus on solving single issues such as pulling on leash or barking. If your dog is aggressive that can be worked on as well. 



Games for Fitness

Physical training to support your dogs health. Dose your dog need to loose weight or does your dog need help maintaining muscle to remain active due to a physical condition such as hip dysplasia?

This will be the course to help

Call or email for details.

Gretta waiting for Cadence.jpg


Calis playing ball.jpg


The Trainer trains your dog for you while your dog remains at your home.


The easiest way to train your dog at home.

Sessions cover obedience, socialization, confidence, and much more. 

The trainer trains your dog while you are away.

Board your dog at a facility you trust and the trainer will work with your dog while you are away.

Student, Parent, and Trainer.

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