Advance training for dogs intended to act as a therapy dog or provide qualified assistance as a Service Dog to their owner.   

For the Dog that goes Above and Beyond 

Training is customized with the introduction of advanced skills while continuing to improve upon the dog's initial foundation in basic obedience. Along with the introduction to new learning training will focus on public access and socialization under a variety of situations and circumstances. 

Contact us to discuss your specific needs in training your dog to a higher skill level. 


  The Lord Blessed Humanity with capable Dogs of Service

Every week training is personalized to guide you and your dog toward the goals you set at the start of training. Attention is given to public access and confidence building to ensure success as dogs and owner team. 

Call and talk directly with a trainer with any your questions you have.  

Training Includes

  • 8 - 1 hour private lessons at your home or other acceptable training location. 

  • Access to the instructor during the week for training questions or problems, via phone, text, or email. 

  • Customized lessons to fit your dogs learning style as well as your own.  

  • A knowledgeable instructor with more than 30 years of experience in training dogs under a variety of conditions and a variety of disciplines. 

Price $275.00 

  • Additional training sessions available at a discounted rate after course completion to ensure you achieve and maintain your goals. 

Prerequisites for training: Basic Obedience 

This level is designed to meet the specialized needs of owners. 

Equipment Need: Objective Dependent 

Generally requiring at minimum:

  • Properly fitted training collar

  • 6ft. leash

  • Working vest

  • Long line

  • Training rewards for your dog

Please Note: We are happy to evaluate your dog's potential for success prior to beginning training. We retain the right to refuse training to any dog we consider incapable of preforming the duties desired by the owner. 

Higher Education

Dogs that have

basic obedience


but seek to do


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