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At home training for those that have busy schedules preventing them from being able to practice between session or for those owners that prefer to be less hands on with their dogs learning.  

Be involved as much as you like

The Training Instructor will come to your home 4 times each week and train your dog in obedience skills. Having the instructor handle the training process allows you, the owner, to keep your busy schedule as the trainer fills each session with productive skills that keep your dog learning. Dogs are able to learn faster and gain more confidence through learning with an experienced instructor since it is only the dog learning rather than the dog and owner learning at the same time. 


Your dog will remain with you in your home between training sessions and the Instructor will come to your home and provide the essential training in a proven process that ensures success. 

Each training session is personalized to guide your dog toward the goals you set at the start of training. Your dog will benefit in positive training attention via the forty plus years of experience and knowledge held by the instructor. The instructor is able to quickly and easily educate your dog in a variety of skills. 

Call and talk directly with the trainer if you have questions.

Training Includes

  • 2 weeks training for your dog, plus four additional sessions for you to see what your dog has learned.


  • Owner provides the initial training collar as well as fresh water during each session. Any additional training supplies are provided. 

  • After each session a brief recap for the owner is provided to allow the owner to keep track of their dog's progress. 

Includes 12 sessions - (8 training sessions with the trainer teaching your dog. Followed by four sessions to show you what your dog has learned and how to keep your dog doing what it learned as time goes forward) - $1200

Assurance that your student will accomplish training quickly with less effort for you the owner.

Home Schooling

Prerequisites for training:

  • Puppy or older dog welcome.

  • Proof of vaccination

  • Owner must be present but need not participate in training. 

Provided with Course:

  • Training treats as needed

Equipment Need:

  • Properly fitted training collar.

  • Fresh water available for your dog. 

Call to speak with the instructor.

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