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Because having a dog is more than just "I have a dog" it must be fun too

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as there is a lot
of fun stuff to do with your


Bann and Milis

Completing a 9 mile morning run. Bann has more than 1000 miles logged and Milis has logged more than 800 miles

Elective training is dependent on your dogs current level of training or following completion of the

either Headstart or

Elementary Training Level

This supports the safety of your dog as well as the safety of handlers.

coloradoan jan 24, 2006 (Mi, border collie)

Mi, SAR dog in-training

For competition or humanity

Dogs understand scent. Training them to follow scent isn't that difficult although it is very training intensive.

Fourth of July


Old dogs, or young dogs, can learn new tricks.

Who doesn't love a dog that knows a trick or two, or several.

igloo and snowcave training 2005

(Winter 2009)

More than just taking your dog along.

Hiking and camping with your dog is one of Colorado's most enjoyable experiences. 

Ban and Milis training for a Marathon 2023
A dog and its musher taking part in a popular canicross with bicycle (bikejoring)


--Joring ie bikejoring

Ultimate Fun whether you


  • bike,

  • rollerblade,

  • ski,

  • or run. 

Raw and Coffy pulling kids in the wagon.

Brav & Coffy

A useful skill and there is even a competition for certain breeds.

This is one of the most useful skills I've ever taught to dogs.

Search & Rescue
Toss training a McGregor Ranch 2002

Toss certified SAR dog

Knowledgeable guidance and support on your journey to becoming a Certified SAR Dog Team

There is no greater calling than to help those in need with your dog. 

Shed  Finder
whitetail shed scent work 2016

This is a neat skill for your dog to have, especially if your are already spending time in the mountains. 

Shed are used by artisans to make a variety of of things. There is a potential market for the shed found.  

Farm Dog


A competition based off k9 drug detection

Think your dog is good enough to be cop? This competition is as close as you can come to proving it without all the legal work.

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