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Puppies as young as 3 weeks of age can begin to learn training skills?

Begin training as early as possible, up to 12 weeks of age, is a special time for training that has proven to be the simplest and most effective way to train puppies to become wonderful family companions or even service dogs with advanced skills.  

Absolutely the most enjoyable time to train

The skills your puppy can learn during this time are numerous and K9 Academics is ready to help you progress successfully beyond what you think your puppy can likely achieve.  

For starters you puppy will learn to:

  •   Come

  •   Sit

  •   Down 

  •   Stand

  •   Stay

  •   Walking on leash (without pulling)

  •   Retrieve

and lots of other more advanced skills

In a positive fun manner

We will also help guide you through housebreaking, crate training, teaching your puppy how to ride safety in cars, and help you prevent unwanted barking and puppy biting. We can even help you teach a few tricks along the way.


The more you work with your puppy during this special time of learning the more you will be able to teach your puppy. But you have to be dedicated to doing your homework as physiologically this time is limited to 16 weeks of age for most breeds of dog therefore puppies need to start training no later than 12 weeks old in order to benefit from this wonderful time of learning.

Training Includes

  • 7 - 1 hour private lessons spaced a few days apart to keep you and your puppy on track and motivated with all the neat stuff you will learn.

  • Lessons given at your home or other acceptable training location. 

  • Access to the instructor for training questions or other training emergency, via phone, text, or email. 

  • Customized lessons to fit your puppy's learning style and needs, as well as your own. 

  • A knowledgeable instructor with years of experience in training puppies and dogs under a variety of conditions for a variety of disciplines. 



                        (Total package of 7 private session - $ 400.00)                                                           


up to 

12 weeks of age


Prerequisites for training: None

This level is designed to meet the needs of young puppies and their owners. Puppies over 12 weeks of age will be considered as Elementary level

Equipment Need:

  • Properly fitted training collar

  • 6ft. leash

  • Training rewards for your dog

Provided with Course:

  • 1- 4 oz pack of training rewards

  • 1- Training reward pouch

Sky training client Jun 2020
Sky - 8 wks
Felix puppy training 2023
Felix - 9 wks
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