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The basic level of training vital to happily living with your dog. This training is the foundation to all levels of higher training. 

The Foundation that every dog should know

The skills your dog can learn during this time are numerous and K9 Academics is ready to help you progress successfully beyond what you think your dog can achieve.  

For starters you and your dog will learn to:

  •   Come

  •   Sit

  •   Down 

  •   Stand

  •   Stay

  •   Walking on leash (without pulling)

  •   Socialization


We will also address current behavior problems as well as head off potential problems that will happen if your dog was to continue life without training. 


Great Start to a Well Behaved Dog

Every lesson training is personalized to guide you and your dog toward the goals you set at the start of training. So if you want a great family pet or if need your dog to act as a service dog the lessons provided will be tailored to meet your goals. The more you work with your dog between lessons the more advanced levels of training you and your dog can achieve. 

Call and talk directly with a trainer if you have questions.

Training Includes

  • 7 - 1 hour private lessons meeting once each week.


  • lessons provided at your home or other acceptable training location. 

  • Access to the instructor between lessons for training questions or other issues, via phone, text, or email. 

  • Customized lessons to fit your dog's age and learning style as well as your own best approach to learning. 

  • A knowledgeable instructor with 40 plus years of experience in training dogs under a variety of conditions and a variety of disciplines. 



                            (Total package of 7 private session - $ 400.00)



Dogs and Puppies

Over 3 months  

 of age


Prerequisites for training: None

This level is designed to meet the needs of all dogs and their owners. 

Provided with Course:

  • 1- 4 oz pack of training rewards

  • 1- Training reward pouch

Equipment Need:

  • Properly fitted training collar.

  • Leash, 6 ft length. 

  • Additional training rewards for your dog.

Porter 2021 client
Greta 2014 client
Calis 2017 client
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