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Residential training is an option for those that have busy careers or need extra support in training their dog. 

Be involved as much as you like

When an owner and their dog are at odds no one is happy and Boarding School can be the lest frustrating means of training for both of you. While at school your dog received personal one on one training in a fun and positive learning environment that is designed to develop confidence as well a training skills.  During the last week of training the instructor will guide you in skills your dog has learned so each of you will be able to continue life back at home with a better relationship.  


Your dog stays at the boarding facility of your choice, within our K9 academics service area, receiving personal attention and training from the instructor several times each week. You, the owner, will be kept in the training loop with updates of progress via video and/or email.

Each training session is personalized to guide your dog toward the goals you set at the start of training. While at school your dog will benefit in positive training attention via  the forty some years of experience and training knowledge held by the instructor. The instructor can quickly and easily educate your dog in a variety  of skills. 

Call and talk directly with a trainer if you have questions.

Training Includes

  • 2 weeks training - During your dogs stay the trainer will visit at least 12 times in the 2 weeks to train your dog based on what your dog needs to learn. 


  • Follow each session you will be sent and email providing you with details of your dog learning while at the boarding center. 

  • After the completion of training, and your dog has returned home, the instructor will assist you in learning your dogs capabilities so you are able to avoid any training frustrations or difficulties in the following two weeks. 

  • A knowledgeable instructor with 40 plus years of experience in training dogs under a variety of conditions and a variety of disciplines. 

Package does not includes boarding facilities fees, Owner is responsible for boarding arrangements. Trainer will work with dog at the care facility during the two week stay, and owner will receive two additional weeks of training support with your dog back at home - $2000.00

Assurance that your student will accomplish training quickly with less effort for you the owner.

Boarding School

Prerequisites for training:

  • Dogs 6 months or older.

  • Proof of full vaccinations

  • A Boarding location and agreement between dog owner, training instructor, and boarding kennel.

Provided with Course:

  • Training treats as needed

Equipment Need:

  • Properly fitted training collar.

  • Leash, 6 ft length. 

Call to speak with the instructor.

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