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Tricks you can teach your dog.

Consistandcey is how to train a trick. Using the skills I'm teaching you can successfully teach your dog any of the following tricks. Although you are not limited to just this list of tricks. If you have the imagination there are lots of tricks that you both can do. If you have something in mind but not sure how to start I'm happy to help you arrange a training plan. 

  • Shake

  • Wave or High Five

  • Spin (clockwise or counter clockwise)

  • Play Dead

  • Roll Over

  • Bow

  • Back up

  • Speak 

  • Weave (around objects or your legs)

There are hundreds of tricks these are only a short list of the most common tricks that are pretty simple to teach. More complex tricks can also be fun if you and your dog are up to the challenge. 

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